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Our Vision: Numeracy for all.

Amidst a world awash in data and numbers–where the ability and disposition to engage with quantitative information matters for well-being, work, and democracy–the National Numeracy Network strives to promote and sustain conversation about numeracy across all levels and disciplines. The two primary pillars of our organization are our annual meeting, which is held at various venues every fall, and the Numeracy journal, which is an open-access outlet for scholarship centered on numeracy, published by the Library of the University of South Florida. We also offer virtual programming throughout the year, a listserv for connecting with folks in the organization, and professional development and guidance upon request.

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Our Mission

The National Numeracy Network (NNN) is a non-profit professional organization that supports numeracy: reasoning with quantitative information in everyday life. The NNN promotes multidisciplinary collaboration and advocates for equitable education that integrates quantitative skills and habits of mind within and across disciplines, at the K-12 level, in higher education, and among the general public. In recognition of the importance of supporting a citizenry with the capacity for quantitative literacy for well being, work, and democracy, the Network strives to keep quantitative literacy at the forefront of national and international conversations about educational priorities. 

To learn more about our history and how we have worked towards this mission over time, we invite you to check out our history page here.

Our Board

The NNN Board consists of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer/Secretary, Communications Officer, and 8-12 other Board members. The Board members come from a variety of higher education institutions: public and private, large and small, from the USA and Canada. Our Board members come from multiple disciplines, including astronomy, biology, economics, education, and psychology, among others. 

See our list of current and former board members here.

Institutional Members

See our list of current and former institutional members in the bottom section of this page.

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