Officers of the NNN: Year-end 2022

President, Luke Tunstall, Trinity University  E-mail

Vice-President, Marc Isaacson, Augsburg University  E-mail 

Secretary/Treasurer, Victor Piercey, Ferris State University  E-mail

Communications Officer, Weixing Ford, Texas A&M-San Antonio  Email

Board Members (2022: Officers above; Other Members Alphabetically):

Carol Ann Borchert, Associate Dean, Associate Dean, USF Libraries, University of South Florida  Email

Katherine Follette, Assistant Professor of Astronomy, Amherst College  E-mail 

Eric Gaze, Director of Quantitative Reasoning, Bowdoin College  Email

Kaitlyn Gingras, Director of the Aetna Quantitative Center, Trinity College  Email

Nathan Grawe, Professor of Economics, Carleton College  Email

Diego Mendez-Carbajo, Senior Economic Education Specialist, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Email

Catherine McCune, Director of the Spineli Center for Quantitative Learning, Smith College  Email

Lauren Nelson  Email

Ed Nuhfer, Retired, Humboldt State University  Email

Milo Schield, Consultant, University of New Mexico  Email

John Voiklis, Researcher, Knology  Email


   Borchert       Follette            Gaze             Gingras            Grawe           


Mendez-Carbajo    Nelson          Nuhfer        Schield            Voiklis

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