NNN Grant Support

The NNN gives support to grants involving Numeracy, Quantitative Literacy or Statistical Literacy.  Support varies from allowing the user of our name, the inclusion of a short statement, letter or document from NNN, to NNN taking on a role within the grant.  In any case, NNN will feature the grant proposal on the NNN website.

This support is given subject to approval by the NNN Board of Directors.  It is given with three expectations. 

  1. The institution will purchase an institutional NNN membership prior to final submission. 
  2. If the grant materializes. the institution will commit to maintaining an institutional NNN membership.
  3. Third, if the grant materializes and includes any sort of dissemination requirement, that the receiving institution would host a national NNN conference.  
2020: NNN Support for NSF Grant: Project-P.  Susan Ganter, PI.  

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