Board Member Responsibilities

Being an NNN Board Member looks good on your resume, but you need to earn your title.
Here are three levels of Board Member responsibility: 

1. Level 1 (Minimal): No attendance to an NNN Annual Meeting.

  • Spread information on NNN and Numeracy at your school and among your colleagues
  • Encourage teachers and knowledge-workers to attend an NNN Annual Meeting.
  • Post announcements of NNN's Annual Meetings. 
  • Attend conferences in your discipline; distribute literature on NNN.
  • Encourage authors to submit their paper to Numeracy. 

2. Level 2 (Moderate): NNN Annual Meeting Attendance

  • Level 1 (minimal) and 
  • Volunteer as a reviewer for NNN's journal: Numeracy
  • Attend NNN Board Meetings at NNN annual conferences OR
    get your school to become an NNN institutional member.

    3. Level 3 (Ideal):
    • Level 2 (Moderate) and several of the following:
    • Get your school to become an NNN institutional member.
    • Submit numeracy-related information for the NNN website.
    • Help find potential host colleges for the next NNN Annual Meeting.
    • Submit an article, book review or column to Numeracy every other year.
    • Volunteer to run for office in the NNN or handle a special project. 
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